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In order to keep our forums a nice and friendly place we all must abide to a few basic rules of our forum!

5 Warning Rule.

1.Inour forum we go by a 5 warning rule which means you can get 5 warningsand if you exceed that amount then you will be permanently banned fromthis forum.

2. The only way you can get a warning is by breaking any of the rules said below! Therefore DO NOT BREAK THE RULES or you will most certainly be banned from this forum!


It is very important to us that you want to become a member of our community, not just as an infrequent visitor.
We ask for your sake on of ours, that you post an introduction topic about yourself so our members and staff
can give you the welcoming you deserve and as well to get to know you more.

Posting Guidelines

A. | Double posting is strictly forbidden, It wastes space and is very unnecessary and pointless
If a double post has been made please edit it and explain why or you maybe get a warning...

B. | Please do not revive old topics, it distracts other members from current projects and it is almost
pointless. If you do however revive an old topic, please explain why you have done it.

C. | Please speak English only, this is an English forum.

D. | Please do not mini-mod a topic, if there is any problem with a post or topic please use our
report button located below every post...

Signatures & Avatars

A. | All Signatures can be only 300x250px max and you can only upload a limited amount of 5
signatures at a time Only STAFF can upload sigs unless you buy the package or win a competition

B. | Please do not upload/post any sexual or rude signatures or avatars.(Remember there are young members
on this forum as well !)

C. | Please do not upload any signatures or avatars made by other people and claim it as your own, if
caught you will be IP Banned!

D. | If someone helped make a signature or avatar which you have uploaded for yourself, please give them some credit !

Website Design Copyrights

A. | If you requested any website made from us please do not remove the copyrights, if you wish to
remove our copyrights you will have to pay a fee of 2$, if caught removing our copyrights
without our permission you may be fined 5$ !

B. | If you have made a website with a friend please remember to put down his name aswell as yours in
the copyright, he/she deserves the same amount of rights as you do!

C. | The maximum size of a screenshot (ss) of your website design can only be 500px x 300px MAX.

D. | If you have downloaded any of our template designs, when editing them you will need permission if you are
going to change any images.


A. | Digital Style Offer two differnt types of advertisments the first is Free and our second package is monthly payment of
5$ . If you do not pay every month your advertisements will be taken off our website.

B. | If you wish to learn more about our advertising packages please look at our advertisement forums.

General Guidelines

1. Please refrain from posting any vulgar , obsense or profane or in any other words inappropriate.
2. Do not create multipal accounts, if your IP is found on more than 1 account you will be notifed and they will be deleted.
3. Try keep a positive attitude and your common sense.
4. Practice Constructive Criticism .
5. Abosolutely NO warez or any other material that violates copyright aggreement is allowed.
6. No Religious, or Racial insults please, we accept everyone for who they are.