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[Gimp] Glow effect

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[Gimp] Glow effect Empty [Gimp] Glow effect

Post by tommo on Sun May 24, 2009 1:51 pm

Gimp Tutorial

Well be making this:
[Gimp] Glow effect GloweffectCOM
Step 1:
Open a new document, 200x200, white background.

Step 2:
Paste in your render or text. In my case ill put "Insane".
[Gimp] Glow effect Gloweffect1

Step 3:
Layer>>Image to Layer Size

Step 4:
Layer>>Transparency>>Alpha to Selection

Step 5:
Create a New Layer and insert it under your text/render.
[Gimp] Glow effect Gloweffect2

Step 6:
[Gimp] Glow effect Gloweffect3

Step 7:
Select your Foreground color(in my case RED).

Step 8:
Hit CTRL+comma on your keyboard, or go to Select>>Fill with Foreground Color.
[Gimp] Glow effect Gloweffect5

Step 9:
Select your Layer under the text.
Filters>>Blur>>Gaussian Blur
[Gimp] Glow effect Gloweffect6

Complete Project:
[Gimp] Glow effect GloweffectCOM

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[Gimp] Glow effect Empty Re: [Gimp] Glow effect

Post by Keitho on Sun May 24, 2009 4:39 pm

or you can just go to the Layer Styles and use outer glow...

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