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[PS]Beginner Smudging Tutorial

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[PS]Beginner Smudging Tutorial Empty [PS]Beginner Smudging Tutorial

Post by Fraser on Sun May 24, 2009 7:55 pm

Today we will be making a beginner signature using smudging as our main effect.

We will be making this:

[PS]Beginner Smudging Tutorial Emo

Start by making a blank document and making a radial gradient like this:

[PS]Beginner Smudging Tutorial 14uyg4l

Then duplicate your render a couple times, hide them all except one.

Now Make a "T" brush, they are very good for smudging.

This will show you how:

[PS]Beginner Smudging Tutorial 261gms4

Ok now use that "T" brush to smudge all of your renders except one, and remember to move them around into different places.

Set the closest one to the bottom on "Normal"
The Second one on "Screen"
The Fourth on "Pin Light"
The Last on "Linear Dodge"

You should have something close to this:

[PS]Beginner Smudging Tutorial 28w2yq

Now use a hard circular brush and brush on the corners.

[PS]Beginner Smudging Tutorial Rscvp5

Smudge with your "T" Brush.

Should look like this:

[PS]Beginner Smudging Tutorial W1vchw

Add some C4D's and erase where its looks bad, and add some text.

[PS]Beginner Smudging Tutorial Emo

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