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[Gimp] Animation

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[Gimp] Animation

Post by tommo on Sun May 24, 2009 1:54 pm

Well use this sprite sheet.

Step 1:
Open the sprite sheet in GIMP, and select the top row of sprites with the Rectangle Select Tool.

Step 2:
Go to
Image>>Crop to selection

Step 3:
Open an new document, 100x100, and a white background.

Step 4:
Copy each sprite onto the new document.
Make sure to create a new layer after pasting each sprite on to the new document.
note: this will take a couple of minutes

Step 5:
Make sure each frame(photo) has its own layer, and there are NO leftover layers that are empty.
It should look like this

Step 6:
Now go to File>>Save As,
Then choose your name of the file.
And choose the format .GIF

Step 7:
Then choose "Save As Animation"

Step 8:
Make sure "Loop Forever" is checked.
Then choose your millisecond.
You can experiment, but i just stay on the 100.

Ok so im done.
Here is what i got.

I know there is a glitch, thats cause the background i used on each layer was part transparent part white.

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